August 5, 2009

Popular Searches on Google

Bored while traveling? Taking a break from work? Looking for an insight into current trends? A few of us got together at Google and designed something just for you. Try Popular Searches on Google from your mobile.

This feature looks at millions of queries (in an anonymized and aggregated manner) that we get every hour from Indian users and finds out what's on top of users' minds right now. We recompute every hour. We also show snippets of information (images, news, blogs or videos) to tell you "why" something is so interesting and popular right now.

For instance, I found out that Somdev Devvarman, is a budding tennis superstar from India, who recently beat the sixth seed, Marin Cilic in straight sets. Didn't know that before!

So, go find something your friends aren't aware of yet and become 'Popular' as you search.

Posted by: Dhruvkaran Mehta and Suhas Phand ,Software Engineers, India Mobile Search.