August 17, 2009

Location extensions, a new way to run local ads

We’re announcing a new way to run local ads in the new AdWords interface – location extensions. Location extensions allow you to "extend" your AdWords campaigns by dynamically attaching relevant business addresses to your ads.

If you're a primary business owner, you can set up extensions by linking an AdWords campaign to your Local Business Center (LBC) account. If you're not the primary business owner of the locations you're advertising, you can manually enter addresses directly into AdWords. For example, a clothing brand that distributes to a number of different stores might want to associate their ads with various store locations through extensions, even though their official business address doesn't correspond to those addresses.

Once extensions are set up, Google will dynamically match your locations to the user's location or search terms and show relevant addresses with your text ads. If we're unable to determine a user's location or if there are no relevant addresses to show, we'll simply show your ad without an address. If you don't want to dynamically match addresses to your ads and prefer to choose one particular address to show with one particular ad, you can do so by setting up specific location extensions for individual ads. Your ads can show on Google and Google maps with their relevant extensions and as regular text ads on search and content partner sites.

Location extensions will be rolled out over the course of a few weeks, so this feature will be available to some advertisers starting today and will become visible to everyone in the coming weeks. To learn more about location extensions, read the location extensions overview section of the Help Center.

Posted by Kushagra Shrivastava, Product Specialist